Wednesday 14 December 2011

Greetings from ID Sports!

Join Tour de India 2012 and be a part of the cycling revolution in the making!

Tour de India 2012 is slated to hit your city in early 2012, calling all the fans of cycling to take on their city on two wheels!

Tour de India 2012 comprises of
Professional Races (1 Race) and Mass  Participation Rides (3 Rides) that will travel in Mumbai, Delhi and Pune.
Tour de India 2012 is backed by a people's campaign - Find India's Lance Armstrong - which promises to discover one hidden talent from India and aid its professional growth by providing them the opportunity to train at Union Cycling Internationale's (UCI) training and development centre. The funding of the same will be raised through this very campaign. 

Tour de India is not just a cycling race, it's a people's movement that will reach out to every true 
lover of cycling who not only wants to ride with us but also, wishes to see the sport grow in the country like never before and is willing to support the cause truly. 

Tour de India is a common man's army- that will generate charity,
bring thousands together to fulfill one dream and make millions smile!

To mobilise this mass movement we are hosting a series of mini events and contests and we'd be please to have your support in our endeavour.

Links below share our immediate medium of communication:

1. Tour de India 2012 website:
2. Tour de India 2012 on Facebook:
3. Cycling India on Facebook:
4. Tour de India 2012 on Twitter:
The revolution of cycling has begun, so join us now!

Watch the space for more updates on TDI 2012.

ID Sports.